It’s fair to say that the traditional newspaper business is a dying industry.  By the time the news is printed in that messy-stick-to-your-fingers ink, it is quite literally Old News.  We’ve already heard about it on the worldwide web using our smart phones and responded to our social media of choice hours ago!  So why would anyone put their hard-earned advertising dollars in to a newspaper ad?  Ignoring the fact that no one would see it, the average rate for a 1/8 page, full-color weekly ad is easily over $18,000 a year.  And the phone book is just as antiquated.  Can you remember the last time you actually used the yellow pages for something other than a door stop?  While contributing to global deforestation, a 1/4 page, full-color Yellow Pages ad will set you back about $4,800 annually, according to national averages.  In today’s business market, we need to find ways to work smarter (not harder) and maximize our advertising dollar.  It might be tempting to trim your advertising budget first when tightening the corporate belt, but to keep your business current and relevant, the wise move is to spend a little money to make money.  This is where vehicle wraps are an inspired solution to the advertising dilemma.  Using your vehicle as a moving billboard is a brilliant way to get your product or services seen and build name recognition.  When sitting at a traffic light, your captive audience can’t help but notice (and remember) your business.  And unlike stationary roadside billboards (that cost upwards of $2,000 a month), your billboard is mobile!  The talented design and installation team at can transform your ride in to the perfect vehicle (pun intended) for your corporate message to be remembered, generating calls and building your business.  Keep up to date in today’s marketplace and not go the way of the print media.  Call for today for a quote.

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