You’ve seen them on the road,… those virtual moving billboards cleverly disguised as a car, pick-up truck or van,… and now you’re thinking this would be a great way to market your business.  You do an internet search (no one uses the phone book anymore!) and start working your way down the page making calls and requesting quotes.  So why is it that Company A is so much more expensive than Company B?  In order to accurately shop by price, you need to be able to compare the proverbial Apple to other apples, not oranges.  Here are some things to think about,…

  1. What Materials are being quoted?  There are any number of vinyls that can be used to wrap a vehicle, but some may not adhere well because they are not best suited for wraps.  Did your quote include an overlaminate?  Are you getting all four sides AND the roof?  Did your quote include a window perf film?
  2. Does the company have References?  Satisfied customers say it all.  Is this a fly-by-night operation or a sound company?  Will the installation take place in a controlled environment or will you end up with debris under the vinyl?
  3. Is the product Warranted?  Ask if the warranty is from the vinyl manufacturer.  How many years is the vinyl rated for?  Is the installation covered, too?
  4. Is your quote all Inclusive?  Great graphics require skilled artwork and careful planning.  Does your quote include design time?   Will there be any additional charges for an installation after regular business hours?  Did their quote include removal of existing graphics? 

The lesson is to be armed with information when you start making price comparisons.  Ask the professionals at and avoid unnecessary “fruit salad” when equating apples and oranges!

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