The first time I ever heard the term “branding” as it applied to a business was a little over ten years ago, when a professional organization that I belonged to was trying to create a new, iconic logo for the turn of the century (i.e., year 2000).  While a lot of discussion was given to what would be the “in” color of the new millenia (really?), I was most surpised by the urgency to create a corporate brand.  I’d heard of branding as it related to manufactured products, but never for the Creator of said merchandise.  For the newbie to the terminology, here is Corporate Branding 101:  Corporate branding refers to a company applying its name to a product, then the product and the company name become the brand name.  If corporate branding is done successfully, a company may create brand loyalty (repeat customers!).  Who doesn’t wish that their business brand was as successful as the Kleenex brand name replacing the word “tissue” in casual conversation?!  The Corporate Branding process begins with taking your business model (name, service, product) and developing sensational marketing tools to get you noticed.  The creative team at Identity Defined/ have the tools (and the experience!) to customize your business model from logo creation to promotional materials, corporate apparel to signage and vehicle wraps.  Take the first step – contact Identity Defined/  Don’t wait for the next millenia – make this the year that you define your corporate identity and build the business you’ve dreamed about.

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