Have you ever walked in to a room and forgotten why you were there?  Admittedly, this has been happening to me with alarming regularity.  I’ve been told that this is the First Sign, but my memory is so bad, I can’t tell you what it is the first sign of!  Whatever it is, I hope it’s fun.  Ignoring the understandable jibes about aging and my need for gingko biloba, my memory is not all that is fleeting in this world.  As it pertains to vehicle wraps, let me share some thoughts about fleet services.  If you are wondering what constitutes a fleet, these are company vehicles with as few as two or more, not necessarily numbering in the size of a small armada.  Many companies have not yet contemplated vehicle wraps for their fleet vehicles, assuming that this is cost prohibitive or, perhaps, not recognizing their value.  However, there are a number of reasons to consider a vehicle wrap for corporate use.

  • Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl actually protects the painted finish.  The printed vinyl material is protected from the damaging effects of UV rays with a laminate and, in turn, the laminated vinyl protects the paint job from scratching, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear.  When it comes time to trade-in or sell the vehicle, the wrap can be removed, revealing the original unspoiled paint finish, which contributes to the overall resale value.
  • There are tax benefits associated with wrapping a vehicle used for business.  These benefits may apply to vehicles that are completely wrapped and not partially covered.  Please consult a tax professional for details.
  • Wrapping a company vehicle helps to build corporate brand recognition.  Awareness of a company logo seen repetitively will encourage that business to be remembered and contacted first when their services and/or products are needed.  This is how a corporate brand becomes synonymous with their specialty, causing you to think about a Kleenex when you need a tissue or reach for a Coke when you’re thirsty.
  • Fleet graphics can leave a lasting impression.  It’s hard to ignore the visual impact of a bold vehicle graphic, whether it is stopped at a traffic light, flying by you on the highway or parked at a gas station.  And a fleet of wrapped vehicles moving as a convoy generates that same kind of curious excitement as a procession of emergency vehicles, a line of school buses or a group of motorcyclists on a Poker Run.  Moving or standing still, a fleet of wrapped vehicles is dramatic.
  • Vehicle wraps are customizable for strategic marketing.  If a business is promoting a specific service or introducing a new product, spot graphics can be used to change a message for the advertising campaign.  Even seasonal advertising efforts can be addressed with a creative vehicle wrap.
  • More people are reached with a vehicle wrap than with any other form of advertising.  It’s simple math – a wrap that lasts (on average) five years being driven daily on company business will be seen by literally hundreds of thousands of people!  And with people spending more time in their vehicles than ever, successful marketing must go where the people are.
  • It has been well documented that vehicle wraps offer the best value in advertising today.  The cost of a single vehicle wrap can be less than the rent for one month of billboard advertising or a single television spot.  Turning the page in print advertising is akin to changing channels on the radio or blowing past the commercials in a recorded cable program.   For advertising to be effective, it can’t be ignored.

From one busy person to another, accept this as a reminder to contact the professionals at WrapsForLess.com for information on how to approach fleet graphics for your company vehicles.  Get wrapped and get noticed today!

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