One of the coolest alternatives to the wall poster in a teenager’s room (or Man Cave) is a life-size cutout of your favorite character or hero.  What sci-fi geek wouldn’t love Boba Fett , or better, Princess Leia (slave costume a must) in the corner of the family room?  I was reminded this week about the 8’ tall Shaquille O’Neal cutout that my son got from a Pepsi distributor (post-LSU/pre-Orlando Magic), which graced the corner of his bedroom until he woke up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and thought we had an intruder in the house.  Needless to say, Shaq spent the rest of my son’s elementary school years folded-up under his bed.  What brought this memory to mind was a project that we recently completed for a woman who wanted a life-size cutout of her brother for his surprise 50th birthday party.  She selected a high school picture, football in hand, that had a lifelike appearance when digitally reproduced in that large format. mounted it on a light-weight foam core that was perfect for ease of moving yet rigid enough to be written on with a Sharpie, giving her brother a truly personalized birthday card.  Our production staff crafted an easy-to-use easel with the same foam core material allowing the cutout to stand tall and be included in party photos with friends and family.  We also provided large format poster standees to decorate the tables at the catered event using family photos from various milestones in the birthday boy’s life.  Imagine the fun this could bring to a class reunion, wedding reception or anniversary party! can transform your photo in to a poster, banner or large color (or black and white) print suitable for framing.  Our team can scan an image and enlarge it, work with your emailed digital file or hard copy.  We can even use the memory card from your digital camera to create the large format image.  Contact us with your idea,… it would be a privilege to help keep your memories alive and tangible.

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