Madison Avenue understands how important first impressions are.  Advertising agencies use every tried-and-true technique and tool in their arsenal to craft opinion about a given product or service.  They even tap in to the collective experiences of average people to make their point.  Consider the commercials that feature the social outcast with dandruff (wearing obligatory black) striking out with the ladies at the local watering hole until he changes shampoo.  Or the anxious young man in tuxedo waiting for his prom date, hopeless to impress her father without wearing a specific brand of deodorant.  And what about those before and after tooth whitening commercials featuring a frumpy, lonely woman transformed in to a flirty vixen with a winning smile and date on her arm,…

It has been widely stated that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Clearly this adage applies to affairs of the heart, but have you taken in to account how the right first impression affects your business?  Consider the first impression created by contractor who pulls up to a potential client’s home in a late model pick-up with magnetic signs clinging to the doors and cut lettering (with curled edges) on the back window.  His competition arrives in a similar truck that has been completely wrapped in vinyl with full-color digital graphics.  Without saying a word, this contractor has told his prospective employer that he is fully-invested in his business, a qualified professional who is successful, serious about his trade and, most importantly, trustworthy.  Who would you spend your hard-earned money with?

Nothing gives your business instant credibility like a well-designed vehicle wrap.

When you consider how much time is spent on the road, using your company vehicle as a virtual “moving billboard” is a powerful way to get your business noticed and remembered, and it lasts for years!  Vehicle wraps work 24/7 creating top-of-mind awareness for your business while making that all important first impression.  In our present economy, it has never been more important to spend our advertising budgets wisely.  Dollar for dollar, there is no more cost effective form of outdoor advertising than a vehicle wrap.

Before you replace that tired magnetic door sign, call the friendly professionals at for a quote.  Transform your corporate image and craft the right first impression with a vehicle wrap.  As William B. Clark said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when are you going to have time to do it over?”

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