Money doesn’t grow on trees.  My 8-year old daughter told me this weekend that she wished it did as she is trying to fill her purse for a special (yet undetermined) purchase.  “I think all trees should be made of money,” she said with a toothless smile.  I tried to explain to her that a money tree would only be valuable if there was just one in the world (even better if it were in our backyard), but the finer points of Supply and Demand escaped her.  Until we discover leafy currency, we simply need to spend what we have wisely, making it stretch and fit our budget.  In the world of business, the advertising budgets are particularly tight, which is why a vehicle wrap is so cost effective.  A traditional Yellow Pages ad might be seen by 25-30 people in a day (probably by people without access to the internet!), as compared to an average of 500-800 people per day who will see a wrap (based on a 40 mile round trip), making vehicle wraps the smart choice for your advertising dollar.  Here are some ideas to maximize your wrap design and make the most of your budget:

  • Use the color of your vehicle to your advantage.  This is especially true when designing a partial wrap, as one of the best ways to reduce cost is to minimize coverage.
  • Use the natural breaks in the vehicle’s body, such as hoods, doors and fenders.  These physical edges create perfect stopping and starting points for the edges of your design.
  • Eliminate graphics on areas that are hard to see.  Places like the roof, truck hood or behind the cab of a semi may not be easily visible and are simply wasted space for advertising.
  • Use spot graphics for flexibility.  Any design elements that may change in the near future can be easily replaced without having to remove large sections of the original design.

If you have an idea for a vehicle wrap to maximize your business exposure, contact the helpful professionals at  Their experienced design and installation team can make the most of your vehicle’s physical attributes and create graphics guaranteed to get your business noticed and remembered at a price you can afford – even without a money tree of your own.

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