It may not surprise you to know that has a corporate fleet of wrapped vehicles of our own.  What better way to advertise Who we are and What we do than to Show our work on a variety of different vehicles?  Our arsenal currently includes assorted SUVs, a pick-up truck, a cargo van, box truck, enclosed trailer and even a bass fishing boat (with trailer)!  I love the phone calls that begin with, “I’m sitting at a traffic light behind one of your trucks,…”  Over time, we’ve learned a little about how to use our wrapped vehicles to generate business – the following tips may help you make the most of marketing your wrap:

Parking is not just for lovers.

No, really.  Sometimes taking your vehicle off the road and parking in a strategic place will generate more attention than whizzing by a potential client on the interstate.  We’ve found some key busy intersections located away from our business offices for calculated respites.  Park near the road at an angle for maximum visibility.  Think about who your target market is and where they might gather to shop or play.  For instance, if you own a catering company, hang near a tux shop or bridal salon.  Or if you sell sports equipment, you may want to visit a Little League game on a Saturday.  Consider having a place to keep your business cards or flyers on the outside of your vehicle.

Don’t underestimate the personal touch.

Be prepared to schmooze the public wherever you go – even pumping gas!  You’ll be surprised how many people will approach you about your services.  Keep a stack of business cards handy in your glove compartment.  Remember, the vehicle wrap got their attention, but no one can sell your business better than YOU.  Sometimes a little old fashioned, friendly face-time will work better than a slick, expensive web site.

Take the party on the road.

You have to go where the people are.  Drive your wrapped business vehicle to the mall, or bring it to the beach on Memorial Day weekend.  Thinking bigger?  How about a local community arts festival, sporting or holiday event?  Strategically park, then draw more attention to yourself with balloons, flags or signs and have some giveaways or product samples.  And don’t forget the trade shows!

One is a lonely number.

The fact is, we at generate more inquiries when we are driving more than one vehicle (i.e., the SUV pulling the trailer or the pick-up truck pulling the boat/trailer).  If you have more than one wrapped vehicle, try driving around convoy-style on select roads for maximum effect.  Who wouldn’t be curious about where you were going and what you were up to?  When you’re done driving, park together in a strategic place as an impressive force.

Mix it up.

Successful corporate branding necessitates using consistent elements in your graphic design, such as your company logo and contact information.  However, if you have a fleet of vehicles (fleet = more than one, by the way!), think about changing the design on each wrap for interest.  Personally, I pay little attention anymore to the pest control company with the VW Bug sporting mouse ears, however I find myself amused by the competition that focuses each vehicle on a different, funny-looking bug!

I Spy is not just for kids.

Consider running an advertising campaign involving potential customers spotting your vehicle all over town.  They can write about it or take a picture and share it on your website.  Use popular social media avenues like Twitter and Facebook.  For example, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach does something similar with patrons sporting logo T-shirts all over the world – cool, huh?!

This blog was inspired by the experienced team at marketing our own wrapped vehicles.  If you don’t currently have a vehicle wrap, there is no better investment for your advertising dollar.

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