Radio is a tough business.  I know this because a member of my family has been a broadcaster for over 40 years and has told countless stories, both humorous and otherwise.  One day you’re working the morning drive time as a shock-jock for a local Classic Rock station, and after one bad Book, the station changes format and you’ve gone Country.  The lucky ones evolve and adapt, but if you can’t find your twang and don’t own a cowboy hat,… adios, Amigo!  The Book is slang for a marketing tool used by Arbitron, Inc., a media and marketing research firm serving the media – radio, television, cable and other advertising.  It measures how often people listen or watch this media, which is marked by Costs per 1,000 Impressions (CPMI) or a dollar amount per 1,000 people who see/hear each ad.  This information is used for subscribers to determine programming changes and set advertising rates.  As a business owner with a limited advertising budget, this information is useful for determining where to spend your advertising dollar.  Based on current data from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a $2,500.00 advertising investment will yield the following:

Vehicle Wrap (small car wrap) – 16.6 million advertising impressions

Billboard (month)  – 1.4 million advertising impressions

Radio Ad (60 second/morning drive slot) – 422,300 advertising impressions

Newspaper (1/4 page, black and white ad) – 214,400 advertising impressions

TV Ad (prime time spot) – 121,700 advertising impressions

Borrowing a line from a popular television ad campaign, advertising with a single vehicle wrap is “Priceless”.  If you are in the market for a truly effective way to promote your business, increasing exposure (and advertising impressions!) in your community, a vehicle wrap may be right for you.  Contact for a free quote.  The experienced design and installation team can assist you with a customized, eye-popping wrap to fit your budget and maximize your advertising dollar.  Get real, quantifiable value for money spent wisely with a vehicle wrap from

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