Not everything should be a Do-It-Yourself project.  With creative video editing and removal of all accidentally-uttered four letter words, HGTV can make any remodeling project look like a piece of cake.  Think you need a plumber?  Why pay the emergency weekend rate when you can invest in a really big wrench and watch a YouTube video?  It sounds like a great idea until you’re standing ankle deep in water and realize the carpet and furniture might not be salvageable.

Personally, I learned the value of a professional wallpaper installation after my initial attempt to paper the bathroom unrolled off the walls with the first steamy shower and my second attempt nearly ended in divorce court.  Again, we call them professionals because they know what they know, and we just don’t.  And I’m okay with that, as I’m sure I qualify as a “pro” in something they are all thumbs about.  Recently I’ve seen a number of websites that claim you can install your own vehicle wrap and save money.  While there is a cost associated with a professional installation, its value is not to be minimized.

For instance, do you know how to avoid debris getting trapped between the vehicle and the vinyl, or how to overlap with natural airflow to avoid seams lifting?  How about which end of the squeegee to use when you encounter a rivet?  Remember, your vehicle wrap will represent your business for years to come and you want to make a great first impression with lasting positive results.  Avoid aggravation and costly errors by selecting a firm with quality materials and experienced staff that will back their customer service and offer product warranties.  For a truly successful vehicle wrap, call the experts at  From design to installation, our skilled team knows how to make you (and your business) look good.

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