Vehicle wrapping is taking the car industry by storm. Not only are people wrapping their cars but manufacturers are now doing it too.

Vehicle wrapping offers an affordable way to change the color of your car and offers people the chance to update the look of their car to the most fashionable colors without having to have the car re-sprayed.

Vehicle wrapping has become so popular some manufacturers are now selling cars wrapped as special editions.

So, what is a vehicle wrap?
By applying large panels of vinyl to your car you can change its color to create a totally new and refreshed look. The vinyl completely covers the paintwork, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear. If any section is repaired or replaced due to accident damage, they can always be individually re-wrapped at short notice.

What colors and designs are there?
There are many effects and colors, ranging from the normal colors to the more extreme and eye catching. Carbon fiber, matt black and chrome the choice is yours….

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