For many families, summer vacation is synonymous with road trip.  Endless hours spent sandwiched like sardines in the station wagon, elbowing the sibling next to you for precious inches of space, arguing over which radio station to listen to and repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?”  Today’s more modern road trip may feature flat screen monitors with DVD players and fewer fights over music (since everyone has their own Ipod) but my childhood memories were eerily reminiscent of a National Lampoon movie with Chevy Chase.

It’s amazing how entertaining billboards along the highway can be when there is nothing else to look at, or how eagerly anticipated a pecan log roll from Stuckeys can be!  In today’s economic climate, it is safe to say that those long-established forms of Outdoor Advertising have lost their appeal.  All but gone is the roadside landscape dotted with those “progress signs” telling you just how close you are to boiled peanuts – who can afford them?  In less rural settings, advertising space is limited for static graphics, which, along with technological advances, have pushed aside the Escher-like rotating signs and given us the digital billboard.  Yet emerging in the marketplace as the truly smart choice for Outdoor Advertising are Vehicle Wraps.

In order for your message to be successful on a fixed billboard, it has to be located in a high traffic area.  Taking the same budget for approximately a one month billboard rental, wrapping a vehicle with your business message turns it in to a virtual “mobile billboard”.  Consider the number of people who can be reached with a single wrapped box truck, moving or standing still!  Even better, depending on the vinyl used, a vehicle wrap will last for years to come effectively marketing your business everywhere you go.

Target geographic areas where you want your business to grow and simply drive.  Strategically wrapping delivery vehicles will generate business while building brand awareness, separating your services from the competition among a sea of antiseptic white vans.  If you are ready to build your business and create real brand equity, contact the friendly professionals at  Our experienced team with work with you to customize your graphics and focus your message, giving you a one-of-a-kind vehicle wrap guaranteed to get you noticed.

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