Before the advent of indoor plumbing, it would be common to find the ritual of the Saturday night bath in rural homes.  A big metal or wooden tub would be set up in the kitchen near the stove for warmth and bed sheets would be hung for a modest amount of privacy.  Water would be heated in pots on the stove and poured in to the tub with soap flakes.  Families would take turns sharing the same bath water, only occasionally removing buckets of soiled water for fresh water from the stovetop.  Can you imagine being the last sibling in a large family to get to bathe?  If it were me, I’d be offering to take on additional chores for the opportunity to be first in line,…  that weekly bath ritual was important for good hygiene, whether you thought you needed it or not!  Washing often also relates to the care and maintenance of your vehicle wrap.  In fact, washing a vehicle wrap with mild soap and water is recommended to keep road grime and debris from causing vehicle wrap fatigue, which can negate the vinyl manufacturer’s warranty.  The following are some tips from for taking care of your investment:

  • Wash your vehicle weekly.  As previously stated, keeping your vehicle wrap clean can help protect the vinyl manufacturer’s warranty.  Besides, image is everything and nothing reflects worse on your company than a dirty vehicle!
  • Spray or jet washing should be avoided if at all possible.  If you have to pressure wash, peeling can be avoided by angling the nozzle at 90 degrees.  In addition, make sure water is not directed at the seams of your vehicle wrap.
  • Automatic “touchless” or “touch-free” car washes use high-pressure water equipment, which can be just as risky to use as spray washers and may lift a seam.
  • Automatic car washes with brushes should be avoided at all costs as they can scratch the laminate or pull at the seams of your vehicle wrap!
  • If an automatic car wash must be used, the safest option is a “brushless” (cloth) facility or one employing a foam washing wheel.
  • Hand washing your vehicle wrap is the recommended option.   Wash with a mild detergent using a soft rag or sponge.  Avoid unnecessary scrubbing that could damage your vehicle wrap.
  • Go ahead and wax!  Waxing your vehicle wrap will actually add a layer of protection to the laminate surface.
  • Even if you visit an automatic car wash often, a periodic hand washing is a good idea to keep your vehicle wrap residue-free.

If you’re thinking about a vehicle wrap for your business, give the experts at a call for a quick quote.  Dollar for dollar, there is no better way to advertise your business.  And with proper care and maintenance, your vehicle wrap will keep working for you for years to come.

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