I have to admit that I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  When I honestly reflect on the intent behind the tradition, I totally get the egg nog-induced state of post-holiday nostalgia, the unquestioned hope placed on the upcoming calendar year and the feeling that we just scored an essential mulligan in our lives.  What frustrates me is that my list is eerily reminiscent of the year before, and the year before that, and (probably) the one before that one too.  (Really, how can I still be trying to lose the same weight?)  Where resolutions may or may not fit in to your vision of the first quarter of a new year, this can be a great time to take stock – personally and professionally.  While being appreciative of what has been accomplished, taking inventory also involves evaluating what was “working” and “not working” in the past and formulating a plan to meet the goals set for the upcoming year.  If your business is not where you want it to be, ask yourself how effective your marketing strategy has been?  Perhaps this is the year to take control, try something new and innovative and give your business a promotional infusion.  It has been well-documented that vehicles wraps are a smart investment for your advertising dollar, but their appeal reaches beyond the monetary. 

Vehicle Wraps are Mobile.  While that statement might cause you to say, “No duh”, consider the power in mobile advertising.  Unlike a seldom-seen Yellow Pages ad, you have complete control over where and when you promote your business.  And while a television spot limits you to a single slot of time, your vehicle wrap is with you everywhere you go.  With people spending more time than ever in their vehicles, take your message where your customers are.  If you have delivery trucks or service vehicles that are on the road often, doesn’t it makes sense to use them as virtual moving billboards?

Vehicle Wraps are Visible.  Stationary billboards often get missed when driving over the speed limit on the interstate, but it’s hard to ignore the bold graphics on a vehicle wrap when it pulls up beside you on the road or is parked in front of you at a traffic light!  Radio is also included in conventional out-of-home marketing but many people, if they don’t channel-surf past the commercials preferring to listen to CDs or their iPods.  Over time, a vehicle wrap has the ability to reach a much larger audience than other forms of more “traditional” advertising.

Vehicle Wraps are Unique.  The design team at WrapsForLess.com takes great pride in helping our customers create one-of-a-kind graphics, tailor-made for each individual business, which are certain to generate interest (and phone calls!).  Yet, unlike an Escher-inspired billboard or ¼ page newspaper layout, there is no competition for advertising space on your vehicle wrap – it’s all yours!

Vehicle Wraps are Professional.  If you want to be taken seriously in business, you’ve got to look like you mean business!  A vehicle wrap contributes to your company’s professional image, enforces your corporate branding and builds confidence with potential customers.   

Vehicle Wraps are Smart.  Or maybe we should say, people who invest in vehicle wraps are smart.  For a one-time fee, a vehicle wrap will provide ongoing advertising for your business for years to come.  There is no monthly rental cost and the initial cost is often less than what you would pay for a single month of billboard advertising!

Take a moment to evaluate your current marketing plan – take stock and take control.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level, resolve today to contact the helpful professionals at WrapsForLess.com for your free quote.

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